E-Commerce Site Package


These E-COMMERCE sites are a great fit for those who have a product or service to put out on the market. E-Commerce sites are commission-free and provide invoice options for administrators.


This package comes with a year subscription of the WIX Business Unlimited package- details below, basic content writing/fill to get your website ready for publishing, basic SEO to get you started, policy templates for your site**, and my Tools You Need To Succeed e-book.

Business Unlimited includes:

- e-commerce store with 100% commission-free

- unlimited bandwidth

- 35 GB storage

- custom domain for one year

- 10 video hours

- Google Analytics

- $300 Ad Voucher

- Site Booster app

- Visitor Analytics app

- Professional Logo

- Social Media Logo files


*I AM NOT A WIX EMPLOYEE. I just love the platform and versatility.

** Also, I am not a lawyer. The policy templates I provide can be used on your site, but you should always consult a professional.


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