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Dedicated to providing all of our clients with administrator friendly and fully customizable websites to sell their goods, share their passion, or showcase their talents. 

When I decided to go on this journey, it was for my full-time job. I was working for a small non-profit that had a marketing and communications budget of zero dollars - outside of my salary. Their website had not been updated in years. No one knew what platform it was built on or remembered who created it! Long story short, I discovered WIX and fell in love! So after months of teaching myself the platform and watching virtually EVERY video WIX published on Youtube, I decided to extend a gift to others first with friends and family and now to small business, creative spaces, and side hustles.


I established MVN Studios to build and design websites for creatives, entrepreneurs, and everyone in between and then give them the tools they need to run their new website on their own! But of course, I am always here to help.

Jazmin Withers | Founder & Designer

MVN Studios


where we share experience or knowledge through web design.


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